Greetings from the President

김경수President of the Korean Economic Association

Our academic society has achieved tremendous success both quantitatively and qualitatively over the past half-century. Every year, universities and research institutes at home and abroad produce many young and talented researchers and some of them move into leading overseas universities and institutes. It is common for papers written by Korean researchers to be published and quoted in the highest quality professional journals.

This achievement was possible because of the rapid development of the Korean economy. In a short period of time, out of the ruins of the Korean war, the Korean economy took the centerstage migrating from the periphery of the world economy. This was made possible by the dedication and commitment of those scholars in the preceding generations during a difficult time.

The Korean economy, which has undergone rapid growth for a short period of time, has not shared such smooth structural transformation experienced by developed countries in the process of economic development. The fact that we are quite young compared to many developed countries, the speed of ageing society being unprecedented is just one example.

It is our responsibility to identify such structural issues of the Korean economy stemming from the lack of innovation and the dual structure of the economy. Furthermore, it is our duty to suggest the most feasible policy direction. However, in spite of the remarkable growth of our academic society, it is regrettable that most of the studies have not been incorporated into the reality of the Korean economy.

Now is the to overcome challenges that have been put in front of the Korean economy. I will be in the forefront within our Association so that we can surpass these obstacles to achieve further growth.


Kyungsoo Kim
President of the Korean Economic Association