Greetings from the President

In Ho LeePresident of the Korean Economic Association

Dear Members and Guests,

Thank you for your support for the Korean Economic Association (KEA). The KEA has been representing Korean economists for the last 70 years. Now we have about 5,000 members including more than 1,000 life members.

Korea is one of the most active countries in economics research. Korean economists have produced considerable research products in various fields, and the newer generation of Korean scholars seems even more promising in contributing for the economics literature. The KEA pledges to provide every possible assistance in the members’ research, communication, and companionship.

Another mission for the KEA is to serve the nation and society through the members’ expertise in economics. We can help the government optimize economic policies, propose solutions to the problems in the economy, or volunteer for economic education of the general public. Perhaps, we can help economics education in high schools that suffer from a shortage of economics teachers.

The success of the KEA achieving the above goals crucially depends on the members’ participation. The KEA welcomes your contribution, feedback and criticism.

I wish you all a fruitful year.


Jinook Jeong
President of the Korean Economic Association