Greetings from the President

Insill YiPresident of the Korean Economic Association

Since its foundation in 1952, the Korean Economic Association has been constantly evolving and establishing a position as Korea's prestigious economics representative society.
The Korean economy has made remarkable progress in the world economic history through its past growth, but recently it has faced a variety of structural challenges with a transformation of the economic paradigm.
It is time to face the structural problems of the Korean economy and propose correct policy directions.
Recently, Korean economists are increasingly releasing excellent researches that are competing with the world economists.
Furthermore, theoretical and empirical research activities to identify the Korean economic problems are actively conducted, and the results of the research are increasingly published in internationally recognized journals.
Our academic society will strive to lay the foundations for collecting and expanding academic research abilities so that the evidence based policy alternatives will be publicized and the consensus spreads and is reflected in policy decisions.

Ii is important to help the 'Sustainable Development Committee' launched this year to create a progressive leap forward of our academic society.
We will make efforts to spread the research results in various ways this year and to be an academic society to help each other.


Insill Yi
President of the Korean Economic Association