The Korean Economic Forum
Ideological Tendency and the Social Capital: An International Comparison
Jin-Yeong Kim (Konkook University)Year 2018Vol. 11No. 1
This paper derives ideological tendencies of OECD countries, and examinesthe relationship between the social capital and ideological tendency at thenational level. We characterize a person’s ideological tendency with fivecategories, namely communitarian, conservative, liberal, libertarian, centrismby applying the concept of the Nolan chart. From the World Value Survey wave5 data we derive nation’s ideological tendency and find that Korea has higherportion of communitarian than most of other OECD countries. We also find thatthe portion of libertarian, who has strongly supports economic freedom andpersonal freedom, is positively correlated with the trust index at the nationallevel. This finding implies that the accumulation of social capital be connectedwith people’s values on the economic and the personal freedom.}