The Korean Economic Forum
The Requirements and Rewards of Employment in the Fields of Humanities and Social Sciences
Cheonsoo Park (Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training)Year 2019Vol. 12No. 1
We examined the impact of job placement requirements such as theimportance of majors, qualifications, foreign language, vocational training, andworking experience on job compensation such as income level, employmentstability, and job satisfaction.According to the results, the income level is positively correlated with theforeign language and qualifications, majors, vocational training, and jobexperience. Employment stability is positively correlated with job experience,vocational training, qualifications, and majors. Job satisfaction is positivelyinfluenced by job experience, foreign language, and majors.The results suggest that the government is pushing for a step-by-step andsystematic approach to the transition to the job-oriented labor market, and thatindividual job seekers need to strategically prepare for employment by the jobcompensation they consider important.