The Korean Economic Forum

Board of Editors


Whang, Seong HyeonIncheon National University

Managing Editors

  • Hong, Sok ChulSeoul National University
  • Woo, SeokjinMyongji University

Board of Editors

  • Ahn, IlltaeChung-Ang University
  • Cho, Sung WookSeoul National University
  • Hahn, Chin HeeGachon University
  • Han, Hyun OkPusan National University
  • Hong, InkeeDaegu University
  • Hong, Jong HoSeoul National University
  • Hur, Seok-KyunChung-Ang University
  • Kim, Heung ChongKorea Institute For International Economic Policy
  • Kim, HisamGwangju Institute of Science and Technology
  • Kim, Jin YoungKonkuk University
  • Kim, Sanh-JoHansung University
  • Kim, Seung-RaeHallym University
  • Lee, InjaeIncheon National University
  • Lee, Sam-HoKorea University
  • Lee, Yoon SokKorea Institute of Finance
  • Park, Jin KDI School of Public Policy and Management
  • Park, Myung-ho Korea Institute of Public Finance
  • Song, E YoungSogang University
  • Sung, TaeyoonYonsei University
  • Won, SeungyeonMyongji University
As of March, 2017