The Korean Journal of Economic Studies
MTWTFFF Participation in Private Tutoring: Are Students in South Korea Happy Enough?
Young-Chul Kim (Sogang University)Year 2018Vol. 66No. 2
The competitive college entrance system and excessive use of privatesupplementary tutoring (shadow education) in South Korea may harm students’quality of life and mental health. However, according to the analysis using theKorea Youth Panel Survey(KYPS) dataset, we do not find that the time spenton the private tutoring is negatively associated with the present lifesatisfaction. Only for the middle school students, we confirm the plausibilitythat reducing the time spent on private tutoring during the weekdays may leadto the enhanced life satisfaction. On the other hand, we also find a statisticallysignificant positive relationship between the time spent on leisure activities onSunday and the students’ life satisfaction.