Greetings from the President

In Ho LeePresident of the Korean Economic Association

Welcome to the homepage of the Korean Economic Association:

The Korean Economic Association (KEA) is the leading academic society in the Korean economic community, celebrating its 71st anniversary this year. It comprises of more than 5,000 individual members and over 60 institutional members who are based in universities, research institutes, and public institutions. The KEA aims to promote the development of the Korean economy and economic research through its publication of academic journals, organization of academic conferences, policy forums, and exchange with related societies and institutions.

Recently, the Korean economy has been facing numerous challenges, including the trend of deglobalization following the pandemic and rapid demographic changes due to low birthrate and aging. These severe realities may pose significant obstacles to the sustained economic growth of Korea. The KEA will endeavor to gather the collective wisdom of its excellent members to overcome these challenges and find ways to create a stronger and more stable Korean economy.

On behalf of the KEA, I sincerely thank you for visiting our website. This website provides various information related to the society, including announcements, conference programs, journal papers, and job openings. I look forward to your continued interest, support, and constructive criticism.

Thank you very much.

Yoon-Jae Whang
President of the Korean Economic Association