The Korean Economic Forum
The Effects of Changes in the Local Economic and Housing Market on Small and Medium Enterprise Loans
Han Ik Jang (IBK Economic Research Institute) and Kwang Hae Won (Busan Techno Park)Year 2024Vol. 16No. 4
This study dynamically examines the impact of macroeconomic and housing market changes on small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) loans in common (16 regions) or individual regions using the Bayesian Panel VARX model. According to the empirical analysis results, the average outcome for the 16 regions indicates that SME loans tend to increase when industrial production, consumer prices, housing prices, and mortgage loans for homes rise. However, when examining these trends in individual regions, it is challenging to observe consistent results across all areas. In other words, the possibility arises that in some regions, access to funding for SMEs through financial institutions may become difficult due to policies in industrial investment and housing market that do not consider regional characteristics. On the other hand, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic period, policy effects indirectly confirmed through SME loans show a clear response to the increase in market interest rates, but the response to cost increases due to rising prices appears somewhat weak from an economic perspective.