The Korean Economic Forum
Artificial Intelligence and Market Competition: Significance of Data and Relevant Policy Considerations
Yong Lim (Seoul National University), Hae Bin Jeong (Seoul National University) and Haksoo Ko (Seoul National University)Year 2019Vol. 12No. 3
Artificial intelligence, as it is currently being developed, is a data-driventechnology. This can be easily observed in deep learning technology’s datadependency, which presupposes the existence of useful training data. As such,the development of the technology and how the market evolves will naturally beimpacted by regulation on the collection and use of personal information. Theuse of artificial intelligence has also begun to raise new social challenges relatedto discrimination and fairness. There are various predictions about how artificialintelligence technology will impact our society and economy, including marketcompetition. In order to establish optimal and effective artificial intelligencepolicies, it is imperative to analyze and consider the interconnected effects ofdata-related policies that will impact the future development of the technologyand competition surrounding it.