The Korean Economic Forum
Analysis of the Causes of Changes in Non-regular Workers in 2019: Where Did the 870,000 Non-regular Workers Come from, a Surge in 2019?
Gyeongjoon Yoo (Koreatech University)Year 2020Vol. 12No. 4
According to the analysis of this study, the majority of non-regular workersincreased in 2019 were attributed to the loss of existing regular jobs and theincrease in jobs, mainly those for senior citizens who are financially supportive,and short-time jobs. Therefore, it is also argued that the time series comparisonbetween regular and non-regular workers has not been severed throughadditional surveys of their working patterns in Korea. Meanwhile, the definitionof non-regular workers under the 2002 tripartite agreement needs to beimproved because it does not conform to the times situation or internationalstandards.