The Korean Economic Review
CO2 Emissions, Foreign Direct Investments, Energy Consumption, and GDP in Developing Countries: A More Comprehensive Study using Panel Vector Error Correction Model
Suyi Kim (Hongik University)Year 2019Vol. 35No. 1
This paper examines the causal relationships among carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,energy consumption, gross domestic product (GDP), and foreign direct investments (FDI)in 57 developing countries from 1980 to 2013. The results of the analysis based on panelvector error correction model (VECM) indicate no direct short-run causality exists fromFDI to CO2 emissions. These results are also confirmed by regional analysis, wherein thedeveloping countries are divided into three regions. In the long run, a cointegratedrelationship is found among CO2 emissions, energy consumption, GDP, and FDI, whichsupports the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis. However, the long-run elasticity ofFDI on CO2 emissions is very small even though it is statistically significant. These results donot support the pollution haven hypothesis of CO2 emissions through inward FDI indeveloping countries.