The Korean Journal of Economic Studies
Presidential Address : Current Status and Challenges of Data-Based Research in Economics
Jaesung Choi (Sungkyunkwan University) and Yoon-Jae Whang (Seoul National University)Year 2024Vol. 72No. 1
Interest in evidence-based policies and efforts to use administrative data for this purpose are global trends, and research that links administrative data held by the government and uses it to identify causal relationships plays an important role in policy development and evaluation. In Korea, discussions on the use of administrative data for evidence-based policy research have been steadily conducted in the past, but the results are still very limited. This study aims to identify the potential for domestic research using administrative data and lay the groundwork for future cooperation between the government and academia. To achieve this objective, we collected bibliographic information and JEL classification codes for articles published in four leading journals in the field of economics and used them to examine trends in overseas research using administrative data. Furthermore, based on 12 research plans submitted by members of the Korean Economic Association, we introduced research that can be conducted using domestic administrative data and summarized the administrative data required for such research. This study will be useful for the government in prioritizing the targets of administrative data disclosure for evidence-based policies and in determining the priority of linkage between various administrative data. Additionally, if the demand for administrative data proposed in this study is reflected and accessibility is improved, it is expected that empirical research on policy agenda development and policy evaluation will rapidly expand in South Korea.