The Korean Journal of Economic Studies
The Sharing Economy and Welfare: Focused on the Implication of Benkler’s Commons-based Peer Production
Sang Ho Lee (Dongguk University)Year 2019Vol. 67No. 3
This article is to identify whether the nonprofit-seeking sharing economy cancontribute to mitigating the inequality, centered on the Benker’s commonsbasedpeer production (CBPP). A nonprofit-seeking sharing economy (eg freeor open source software, FOSS) offer the possibility of mitigating theinequality by sharing, and can be seen as an alternative model to welfare.However, He acknowledges that CBPP models are dominant within the IT fieldbut argues that this model can be extended beyond the IT. He also refers tothe necessity of expanding the sharing economy while seeking the compatibilitybetween the sharing economy and the commercial economy. While he pointsout that there are considerable differences between the inside and outside ofthe IT in terms of network externalities which are the material conditions ofthe CBPP. and seeks the compatibility between the sharing economy and thecommercial economy. He argue that we need to expand the CBPP. But He issilent about that strategy or strategy.