The Korean Journal of Economic Studies
Data Hybrid Methods for Regional InputOutput Modeling: An Application of Sectoral Employment Elasticities
Hana Kwon (Andong National University) and Sung-Goan Choi (Andong National University)Year 2020Vol. 68No. 1
The purpose of this study is to propose the data hybrid method (DHM)which combines superior data to construct regional input-output models(RIOM) and verify its validity through empirical analysis. From the empiricalresults, if employment elasticity is different by industry, the previousnon-survey RIOM estimations using only employment data may distort theinterdependence of industries in an economy. In addition, the DHM proposedin this study is suitable not only for estimating RIOM in areas where basicstatistical data are insufficient, but also for the time extension problem ofRIOM and the problem of discovering the regional key sectors.