The Korean Economic Forum
Policy Recommendations for the Elderly Labor Market Through a Review of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act in Korea
Jaekyeong Kim (SUNY Buffalo), Yonghun Jung (Korea University) and Seong-Hoon Lee (Korea University)Year 2022Vol. 15No. 1
As Korea enters a super-aged society, the importance of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Elderly Employment Promotion Act (Age Discrimination Act) is increasing. Therefore, this study investigates the existence and characteristics of age discrimination practices in the elderly labor market and indirectly examines the effect of the Age Discrimination Act on the labor market of the elderly using domestic and foreign studies. In addition, this study identifies the limitations of the current Age Discrimination Act from a legal point of view and suggests ways for the Age Discrimination Act to promote the labor activity of the elderly effectively. According to the result, we find that the effect of Age Discrimination act on the employment of the elderly is positive, but the size is relatively small compared to other countries. To eradicate age discrimination practices, the revision of the Act should include simplifying administrative procedures, allowing third parties to file complaints, and explicitly stipulating the burden of proof. Although this study has a limitation as a qualitative study based on the existing studies and statistical data, it encourages further research on age discrimination and the effectiveness of the Age Discrimination Act by examining the challenges encountered in the existing studies and how to resolve them.