The Korean Economic Forum
Moon Jae-in Government's Financial Policy and Future Tasks
Jae-Joon Han (Inha University)Year 2018Vol. 11No. 3
The financial policy of Moon Jae-in regime can be divided into productivefinancial policy, which aims to flow funds into the productive field, and inclusivefinancial policy in an effort to relieving polarization. Productive financial policyconsists of four tasks: recovery of dynamics of the financial market, re-leap ofthe capital market, contribution to the fourth industrial revolution and jobcreation. Meanwhile, the inclusive financial policy consists of reducing thefinancial burden of vulnerable citizens, protecting vulnerable debtors, supportingthe formation of household financial assets, and strengthening socialresponsibility of finance. We generally agree with the necessity and the directionof productive finance policy. However, in the course of policy implementation,we’d like to recommend that ①expanding the supply of financial products for theshort-term performance perspective should be avoided, rather the efforts toimprove the price discovery function and the risk management capability of thefinancial market should be enhanced furthermore; that ②the financialadministration be switched into a negative system, while the efforts of improvingmarket predictability should be made together; and that ③supervision bybusiness sector should become more flexible, while the efforts to maintain thesoundness of the financial system should be enhanced in order to preventfinancial instability. We also agree with the necessity of inclusive finance, but itshould not undermine the basic principles of the financial industry, such as theprinciple of repayment and high-return with high-risk. In the case of small-loanfinancial policy, now it is necessary to revise and supplement the policyimplementation while testing the effectiveness of the policy quantitatively. Lastly,for the financial business sector, it is necessary to dispose the real estatemortgage lending-oriented business practices but rather to concentrate on theenhancement of information production and risk evaluation & managementcapacities, which are the financial intermediary’s main tasks.